Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Yesterday wasn't a good day - April Anne

Yesterday wasn't a good day at The Hill, April Anne had a bad turn and had to be rushed to the vets, thankfully she is doing alot better. Had it not of been for Geoff, Lyn, Ange, Emma & Penny who dropped all of their plans to come and hold the fort at The Hill Karen wouldn't of been able to go with April Anne so thankyou. Saffron has the most amazing supporters, from those who volunteer, those who donate, those who buy from our shop to those who follow us, Thankyou 💕

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Flying Fish Cove Wines

Just a few hours left to bid on these 6 wines that were kindly donated by the The Flyling Fish Cove Winery. The current bid is $100, happy bidding, just comment to bid xxx

Friday, 3 July 2015


Guess who's 16th Birthday it is today?
With all the tragic news at the moment we are going to try & brighten your day today with photos and maybe video of April-Anne's special day.
Happy Birthday my love, I know you will have the best day ever with all we have planned for you and your friends today. Today is all about you & spoiling you rotten!
Sixteen years young and beautiful as ever. xx
— with Priya Kumari Kushwaha.

Happy Birthday April Anne!!!!!!!!!! What a pram!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've blinged up her pram in preparation for her birthday feast.
Thank you to everyone for your well wishes on our special day xxx

Happy Birthday April Gorgeous Anne!!!

Well the Birthday girl has now passed out after having the time of her life & she is dreaming sweet dreams. She had to share her platter of all of her favourite things but she certainly had her fair share. She had pup cakes, bacon, pea's (yep one of her favourites), corned beef and chicken followed by a strawberry with cream everything in moderation. She also got a cute little cushion for her pram off her Aunty which she instantly used.
I hope with all my heart we get to do this again next year but I am just so thankful we had today.
Love you April Anne, you are my heart beat.
Happy sweet sixteen xxxx

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Annie-Bear: Naomi and Marc - Condolensces

A beautiful pug of someone we love very much found her wings last night. Naomi who runs this page and is responsible for bringing a smile to your faces everyday with saffron posts and answering all your enquiries is suffering with the sudden loss of her rescue puggy Annie-Bear.
AnnieBear didn't get a good start to life but she certainly finally had the life she deserved from the start with the best pug mumma in her final 18 months. Thank you Naomi and Marc for giving her all of you and showing her what life should be like.
Please light a candle and send AnnieBear your love from around the world as she crosses the bridge.
RIP darling soul & Naomi we all love you very much and we are all here for you in this terrible time. xxx

Save The Pets Op Shop - Wonthaggi amazing donation of $1,000. THANKS!!

We were very lucky and were one of 3 rescue groups that had a very generous donation of $1000 FROM Save The Pets Op Shop - Wonthaggi on Tuesday. Thelma came up to drop it off herself which was a wonderful chance to show her what we do here & for her to meet the dogs but most of all little Grace as the money will go towards fixing her cleft pallet.
Without amazing organisations like these we wouldn't be able to continue to take all of these difficult cases on so we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. This op shop will be supporting us on a regular basis & we feel so blessed that we were picked as one of the animal welfare groups they will be donating to. Please stop by their Facebook page say hi & remember them if you are in the area as all profits go to animal welfare.
If any locals have free time on their hands then they are looking for volunteers too so please enquire via their page.
Grace is another massive step forward after now getting two large sums donated plus $120 from her $5 Friday so not long and she'll be fixed and ready to find her forever home thanks to everyone's generosity.
Jump on their page and give them the good ole Saffron thank you.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wine donation to auction

We have been very kindly donated 6 bottles of wine from The Flying Fish Cove Winery to auction. The Flying Fish Cove Winery is located in the sub-region of Wilyabrup which is 25km from the township of Margaret River. This year the winery was nominated as a finalist for winery of the year by James Halliday and they picked up their first Halliday 5 star rating in 2015. Not only do they make great wine but they are also huge dog lovers and have donated 2 x Cabernet Merlot, 2 x Sauvignon Blanc Semillon and 2 x Shiraz. We are so grateful to them for thinking of Saffron and helping us out. We already have a bid of $100 but plenty of time left to bid as it will finish on Friday 12pm. We have to say you have to be 18 for this, any funds raised will be going towards, as always, the dogs, happy bidding!!/flyingfishcovewinery

Friday, 8 May 2015

Middle Name Anne

We have a tradition here at The Hill, every dog that we rescue get Anne as their middle name, including the boys! BobAnne, AprilAnne, EdieAnne, GusAnne. It has huge sentimental meaning. Does your dog/s have a middle name or does their name have a special meaning?? Xxx

Halle Berry and Grace snuggling

These two love snuggles with each other! Halle Berry and Grace 💕 xxx

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Goodnight from The Hill

Night night sleep tight dont let the bed pugs bite! X

Maremma Rescue Victoria, Please Help if you can

Please help and share if you can, a rescue in need of help.
Maremma Rescue Victoria
Hi Everyone, It's not very often we ask for help, as a small group of volunteers we move along rescuing, fostering,nursing, and then the wonderful part adopting our dogs to wonderful new homes. However due to a combined $ $4800 in vet bills for 3 of our rescues who needed surgery and extensive vet treatment in the past 6 months we find we need a little help from our friends.
We have some Amazingly generous people who donate monthly to our group and it is because of them we can get the care the dogs need.
But if we are to be able to continue to have the funds to assist our Maremma fosters who need that extra care we need a little support.
If you feel you could donate a small amount, maybe a few dollars the price of a cup of coffee would go such a long way to keep supporting our beloved big whites.
Sasha and Gypsy have both had surgeries within days of arriving to rescue.
Gypsy had a cruciate op and Sasha eye surgery. Sadly our 3rd foster was not able to be saved despite extensive specialist vet care Donations are tax deductible and you can message us for a receipt to be bl posted out.
Acc Name Maremma Rescue Victoria
Acc no. 14 163 0364
From All our rescues past,present and future Thank You for taking time to follow our journeys. ....All the team at MRV

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Weather what to do

Nighty night all, hope you haven't been blown away if you're local

Weather and getting wet

Weather has turned & no one wants to get their paws wet. I'm sure most of you know that feeling...

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Poomba Love

Poombah lovingly called "Poo bear" has been with us now for almost five months. She came into our lives in November of last year and took over in her forever new home with no hesitation and has settled in very well.
Those who meet her at Saffron on the Hill would know what a delightful dog she is with so much love to give and always wanting more and more affection. in fact a motorised hand would be good for all the stroking and the patting she would be happy to receive. Even the little face she puts up for all the 7yrs of missed out kisses and the tickles and belly rubs she has become accustomed to.
She gets on beautifully with her big brother "Milo" the Boxer and has managed to pick up on a few of his bad habits like waking early and demanding breakfast then licking my legs and feet until I get the evening meal organised.
She loves her new neighbourhood and she thinks anyone who comes into our street is for her and wiggles her butt with much delight. I love her funny antics from running around the backyard at a hundred miles an hour, flying through the doggy door and landing on my lap! to running off with my thongs or slippers to her bed.
The O'Toole Family are truly smitten with her and feel we must thank Mumma Kaz for making it possible for Poombah and many many others having a chance to find Love, Thank you Mumma Kaz!!!!!