Sunday, 3 May 2015

Poomba Love

Poombah lovingly called "Poo bear" has been with us now for almost five months. She came into our lives in November of last year and took over in her forever new home with no hesitation and has settled in very well.
Those who meet her at Saffron on the Hill would know what a delightful dog she is with so much love to give and always wanting more and more affection. in fact a motorised hand would be good for all the stroking and the patting she would be happy to receive. Even the little face she puts up for all the 7yrs of missed out kisses and the tickles and belly rubs she has become accustomed to.
She gets on beautifully with her big brother "Milo" the Boxer and has managed to pick up on a few of his bad habits like waking early and demanding breakfast then licking my legs and feet until I get the evening meal organised.
She loves her new neighbourhood and she thinks anyone who comes into our street is for her and wiggles her butt with much delight. I love her funny antics from running around the backyard at a hundred miles an hour, flying through the doggy door and landing on my lap! to running off with my thongs or slippers to her bed.
The O'Toole Family are truly smitten with her and feel we must thank Mumma Kaz for making it possible for Poombah and many many others having a chance to find Love, Thank you Mumma Kaz!!!!!

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